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So. This would be a community.

Betcha didn't know THAT one, did you?

Really, it's a more laid-back community than other anime communities (or, at least, it's SUPPOSED to be...).

It's for anime lovers who don't want to admit to their obsession.

We're here to help.

No, not really. We're more here to laugh at you and inform you, rather insultingly, about what you're missing.

But anywho. You don't need to know Japanese or what have you, just to maybe like a show or two, a manga or two, a J-pop band or two (though I hate to include J-pop and J-rock into anime, but whatever), etc., etc.

Then, there's the rest of us. Me, for instance, your unhelpful moderator keeta. Though we may or may not know Japanese, we're here to generally be weird. And obsessive. And weird again.

But yes.

This community essentially has no rules. You can...

a) Start a debate on whether InuYasha or Ranma 1/2 is Rumiko Takahashi's best work (Ranma all the way)
b) Rant about how yaoi is the female anime fanatic's pornography
c) Post icons that have pictures of two bishounen kissing
d) Scream with joy over the coming of a new game (Let's say, Baten Kaitos, coming out the day after I write this)
e) Complain about the week-long wait before a new episode of Fullmetal Alchemist
f) Write a review about whatever you're currently reading (Othello -- for the second time -- for me)
g) Ask a question about why there is no incest in Fullmetal Alchemist (o_O!)
h) And whatever the Hell else you think up

I personally prefer as little yaoi as possible (I'm not homophobic -- I just don't like how it's portrayed... subject for debate? ^.-), but hey. It's popular with the fangirls these days, I hear.

The only rule is that you respect other people's opinions and do not use language that would put someone down. Reread your comments, and make sure if YOU read them you wouldn't be put into a pit of self-pitying despair.
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